It's something very personal that I've never seriously talked about:
my obsessions, my fascination with sex and its representation.
Not a word in therapy, not a word to anyone around me. 

This obsession I have with bodies that intermingle. The mixing, the fusion of everything, the pleasure. 
And keeping a record to remember the intimate moments. The pleasure of the flesh. 

The texture of skin, the smell, the warmth of breath, of fingers in hair, the sounds of bodies touching,
snapping and caressing, the softness of lips, the warm taste of saliva of saliva mingling, etc...

The flashes are made of details I remember :a tattoo, the sound of
a breath in my ear, a whispered word, an eye contact I am not used to...
This series is about the flashes of memory that I recreate from their memories
through mine and the camera lens.