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Horizon #7 - Publication
July 2024

In this seventh issue, two photographs from my series “Absence of Love” are melted with texts and works of other artists.

General editor :  Benjamin Wolff
Copy editor :  Elizabeth Park
Poetry editor : Cian Pappenheim
Prose editor :  Giorgio Guerisoli
Designer and art editor : Stephanie Jin

Printing : United Kingdom

Familiar Strangers - Publication
May 2024

Showcases 150 international photographers and offers a kaleidoscope of human faces, emotions, and cultures, presenting portraits that transcend geographic confines and embrace diversity. Featuring one portrait from my series “The Sun Burns”.

Concept, Curation, Design, and Production : Anne Murayama
Format : Softcover, perfect binding, matte cover
Pages : 144 pages, full color, uncoated paper
Printing : Tokyo, Japan
Publisher : ephemere.
Book Size : 18 x 25cm

C41 magazine - Portfolio
March 2024

Online publication of my work-in-progress “The Sun Burns: The Inconsistency of an Entity and Fantasy of a Myth”.

Suboart Magazine #20 - Interview
March 2024

Interview about my artistic process and my on-going work with images from “ The Sun Burns: The Inconsistency of an Entity and Fantasy of a Myth ”; amongst 40 international artists who work in the fields of painting and illustration, textile art, sculpture & installation, photography, collage art, and drawing.

Format : Softcover, matte cover
Pages : 132 pages, full color, silk coated paper
Printing : Peecho (online printer)
Size : 21 x 29,7 cm (A4)

Turchese #5 - Publication
September 2023

Photographs from the series “S*x Diary” alongside a text written by Ariana Branca.

Format : Softcover, matte cover
Pages: 132 pages, full color, photographic paper
Printing : Italy
Publisher : Super Tramp Club
Size : 16 x 23,8 cm