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Chochana Rosso (b.1992) is a french guadeloupean photographer, member of the agency JERGON based in Berlin. She graduated in graphic design at the Higher Institute of Applied Arts (Paris), with a specialization in publishing. Chochana Rosso invests herself in the practice of photography since 2018.
During the lockdowns, she learned how to develop films and experimented with photographic print processes from a home-built darkroom.

In 2021, her work /æfɹəˈdaɪti/ is selected to be a part of FRESH EYES third annual publication which reunites 150 emerging artists from around Europe. Shortly after, she self published her first book, /æfɹəˈdaɪti/ which is a combination of photographic experimentations on her body, her sexuality and more particularly her place as a woman in society. It is available in bookshops across Europe such as Setanta Books in London and La Nouvelle Chambre Claire in Paris.

In May 2023, Nicola Patruno, creator of JERGON, curated the exhibition rebis which reunitated Eleonora Sabet and Chochana Rosso’s works. In addition to older series such as /æfɹəˈdaɪti/ and S*x diary, she showed recent original pieces of her project Autoportrait de disparition which talks about grief and the loss of her family house. There were original unique prints on Japanese paper. The two artists collaborated on a unique piece for the show called L’ombre de ton absence/Nothing could end this love which combined both identities.

Through obsessive and compulsive shooting, she reflects on absence, spirituality, abandonment and emotional distress. Usually materialized with development errors, imperfect prints with stains of emulsions and the use of alternative treatments (solarization, cyanotype, lith and various experiments).