Trauma’s body

Project in collaboration with the artist Mitchka Shahryari

This collaborative work puts into images the emotions of the artist Mitchka Shahryari. It follows a negative personal experience and the will to document the consequences of this experience in order to better apprehend, live and understand them.
Indeed, after a relationship with a narcissistic pervert, she will later learn that he is a pathological liar in addition to being unfaithful.
This project was a cathartic experiment that they wanted to propose to people who have suffered from this kind of behaviour and who could identify themselves.

Through her anger and pain, they worked on the effects on her body, her weight, her eczema and they reviewed all the texts she wrote during and after this toxic relationship. But they wanted to show her feelings visually with a positive outlook: to regain possession of her body after feeling violated and deprived of it, and to recover from the lies and betrayal she endured.
They worked on this project for two months and the changing body language gradually became more open and relaxed.

They were inspired by Nan Goldin's photographic series on her life and toxic relationships. But also Annette Messager and her 1989 project, "My Wishes", with which she worked on distributed details of the body and the self and reflections on sexuality and identity.
She created a kaleidoscope recalling the ex-voto invoking healing.
They interpreted this work as a manifestation of identity and sexuality through bodies.