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/æfɹəˈdaɪti/ is the result of two and a half years of photographic experimentation on my body, my sexuality and more particularly my place as a woman in society.
Through my fascination and studies of Greek mythology, I found a certain duality in the story of Aphrodite.
I see in the story of Aphrodite all the discrepancies that women face regarding their bodies and sexuality in modern society. Female sexual freedom being a source of pejorative judgements. All these contradictions and injunctions form my central study and I apply them to my own self-portraits.

First edition of 100 signed and numbered copies
Format : munken paper 115 gr and sewn binding
Pages : 64 pages
Printing : Escourbiac
Book Size : 21 x 27,7 cm

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Copies also available at Setanta Books, La Nouvelle Chambre Claire and JERGON Studio

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