/æfɹəˈdaɪti/(Aphrodite) Crowfunding was a success !!

/æfɹəˈdaɪti/ is the result of two and a half years of photographic
experimentation on my body, my sexuality and more particularly
my place as a woman in society.

With the pre-order of the book, with or without a limited edition,
you participate in the realization and the finalization
of this personal project.

Book details
Inside Munken White 115 gr • Cover Munken White 80 gr
Sewn binding and soft cover 
21 x 27,7 cm • 64 pages

First edition of 100 copies
Printed by Escourbiac


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The third edition of FRESH EYES invites you to discover a fresh batch of emerging talents from across the European continent. Powered by GUP Magazine, our expert jury has selected 150 new artists from a diverse array of backgrounds — freshly graduated photography students and autodidactic photographers among them — all of whom are making their first foray into the exciting world that is photography. Whether as a collector, curator, publisher, fellow artist, or simply a photography aficionado, FRESH EYES is sure to provide you a compelling, varied outlook on the state of affairs in contemporary photography today, through the eyes of this exciting new generation of photographers.

Hard Cover
166 × 225 mm
616 Pages

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